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The Honda HR-V is ready to impress

Certain models cater to certain demographics. The Honda Fit is "fitting" for young urbanites, and the Honda Odyssey perfectly caters to parenting duties and broadening families. But the Honda HR-V is a special case. A brand-new addition to the iconic Japanese lineup is "one size fits all". Its offerings make it a suitable fit to practically any driver--from surfer to scientist.

Stunning from every angle, the Honda HR-V opens up to an impressive 58.8…

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Grab a front row seat to the all-ne w2016 Honda Pilot Reveal

If you didn?t' make it to last week's Chicago Auto Show, don?t sweat it, because neither did we. The good news is, our team at Piedmont Honda has found this video of the 2016 Honda Pilot reveal, the next-best-thing, if you will, so kick back and relax, you're going to like what you see.

A lot has changed with this remodel, and yet the Honda Pilot remains true to its roots…

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Santa Looks to his Honda Elves for a Little Help with his Sleigh

Just last week, it was business as usual for good old Santa Claus as he took his sleigh and reindeer out for a test run like he always does in preparation for his big day. Except, this trip through the North Pole was different. Santa's sleigh was run-down, worn out from all his deliveries, and Santa knew he had to think on his feet and find a reliable replacement ASAP. That's why he…

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Honda Soothes Us with Kevin Arnold's Voice

Honda doesn't do anything on a small scale but goes above and beyond in all aspects of its business model. From the very company it has created and its commitment to both its employees and the greater community to the vehicles it engineers to perfection, each one pushing to the top of the charts and recognized as such. Then there is the way Honda markets its vehicles, the creative ways of convincing us to…

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Jem and the Honda Civic Revive Holiday Spirits

Remember Jem? Remember how much fun you had playing with her until the next greatest thing came along? That's what happens around the holiday season; we find something to obsess over after we rip the wrapping off, and all too soon we toss it aside. That won't happen this year if you unwrap the new 2015 Honda Civic from Piedmont Honda. We'll let Jem explain.

The new Honda Civic is the toy…

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Life, Love, and the 2015 Honda Fit

The new 2015 Honda Fit is an absolute joy to drive; maybe you've heard?  Small in size and big in utility, this little go-getter offers way more interior space than you'd expect so you can fit all your friends or tons of cargo if you need to move. It also has a plethora of available high-tech features to keep you connected and entertained all ride long. But that's just barely scratching the…

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The 2015 Honda Fit is Driven by Compliments

There is always that one car that drives down the street, windows rolled down, its passengers screaming at those passing by.  These are moments when we typically shake our head in disapproval, puzzled over what possessed them to do such a thing. We question their sanity for some time but then move on with our day, brushing what they had said right off our shoulder.

Rarely does a "window-broadcasted" comment ever make our day. Rarely…

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Honda Puts Safety First in the 2014 Honda Accord

Safety first. You've been hearing this phrase since you were a kid. But do you apply it consistently in life? We're guessing "safety first" wasn't on your mind that time you went cliff jumping or the time you rode a mechanical bull on your birthday because your friends dared you. But those were good times, we know. There's time for fun and time to be serious. At Piedmont Honda we like…

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Next Generation Honda Civic Coupe Delights SEMA Spectators in Las Vegas

Honda Civic fans here in Anderson, SC got a pretty big bonus when the refreshed nameplate hit our Honda dealer for the 2013 model year. The new style certainly garnered its fair share of praise, deservedly so we might add. Still, our team couldn?t help but wonder if the coupe-lovers of the world were going to get an upgrade, too.

Well, it might not have exactly happened on the heels of the four-door's…

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New 2014 Honda Accord Goes Sky High with Hybrid Model

We're sure we're not the only ones counting down the seconds until the troupe of the all-new Honda Accord models arrive to Piedmont Honda in Anderson, SC. While we are excited to reignite our love for the popular sedan, we are particularly thrilled for its eco-friendly variant-- the entirely-new 2014 Accord Hybrid.

The redesigned new Honda will offer the perks so many favor in the top-selling Accord, while incorporating improved mileage and a…

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