Staying in complete control behind the wheel is important to your safety and the safety of those around you; of course, when your vehicle is equipped with amazing safety technology, it's all the easier to have a smooth ride. Honda recently filed for two patents about some incredibly advanced safety tech and we knew we have to share the news with you.

Both patents make use of an augmented reality heads-up display - also known as a HUD - to show you things you would otherwise not be able to see just by looking out your windows. The first patent is for a feature that uses the HUD to show you pedestrians around you and in your blind spots so you'll be more prepared to stop if someone steps out into the road. The second uses the HUD to show you the speed of vehicles two cars in front of you, so you can be prepared for a sudden stop should they hit their brakes without warning.

We're still waiting for more details about this tech and when it will be used in new Honda models, keep an eye on our blog and we'll keep you updated.

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