To help save on gas, many vehicles with an automatic transmission employ a CVT - short for "continuously variable transmission" - but that could change soon! Or, at least, be one of a few options. We recently found out that Honda filed a patent for an 11-speed transmission, and that spells good news for drivers that want a more engaging experience on the road.

An 11-speed transmission means better fuel economy, of course, but we've also learned that it uses three clutches. This means, more or less, faster gear shift times and a more enthralling ride. While we don't have any current information about what vehicles it will be used in, or when it will even be available, we'll be sure to keep you all up to date here on our blog.

Whether or not you're interested in the new transmission, we have a whole selection of incredible new Honda models here at our Anderson, SC dealership. With friendly and knowledgeable Piedmont Honda experts at your side, you'll get the experience and satisfaction you deserve.

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