Check Out These Sometimes-Overlooked Benefits to Honda Leases to See If It Might Be for You!

When it comes to taking the wheel of a new Honda model, there are generally two paths to the driver's seat: by lease or by loan. Most drivers from Greenville know about auto loans, but leases can be a little less well-known. We're going to go over some of the advantages to leasing your next Honda car, crossover, SUV, or truck from us at Piedmont Honda to help clear up any confusion.

Three Benefits to Leasing Your Next Honda You May Not Have Considered:

  • You Won't Suffer Depreciation: When you buy a new car, that vehicle undergoes an immediate hit of depreciation, sometimes bringing the residual value of the vehicle can drop below what you still owe on the loan, which can necessitate GAP insurance. For those who lease, GAP insurance isn't necessary because you won't be suffering the depreciation, but you'll still drive a new car!
  • In Fact, You'll Probably Be Covered by the Warranty: Not only will you skip the depreciation, but there is a good chance you will remain under the manufacturer's warranty for your whole lease.
  • Short Term Means Things Stay Fresh: Most leases run somewhere from three to five years, at the end of which, you're able to move onto another new vehicle, fresh and clear, without the messy business of having to sell your used car.


Whether you know which Honda model you're interested in or you're still doing your research, now you know a little bit more about leasing your next Honda vehicle. We invite Greenville, SC drivers to visit our showroom to explore the current Honda lineup and take a test drive. You may know a bit more about leasing now, but you still have to pick a Honda vehicle first. Come on in and meet our team of friendly associates and we'll make sure you find exactly the model for you.