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2012 Honda Pilot is the Official 'Family Car of the Year'

One of the most common misconceptions Piedmont Honda hears among families living in Anderson, is that the only way to get seating for eight is to buy a minivan. Happily, for drivers who don't want to adopt quintessential soccer-Mom style, this is not the case. Honda offers an ultra-safe, super-comfortable, sporty alternative with a good dose of sleek: the 2012 Honda Pilot.

Previously, the new Honda Pilot championed a "$37k and Under SUV Shootout…

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2012 Honda Pilot Will Offfer Improved Fuel Economy

Honda formally announced details about the upcoming 2012 Honda Pilot SUV at the end of July. Only a bit of information was shared but it was enough to keep us interested.

Drivers who thought the 2011 Honda Pilottoo sharp-looking will be excited to learn that the new model provides a softer, more-understated presence. Even Piedmont, who loved the looks of the 2011 Pilot, think this year's renovations are...

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