The 2022 Honda HR-V is Back with a Plethora of New Features

The Honda HR-V is back and featuring plenty of new comfort and convenience features, making it a practical SUV for all drivers. Don't be fooled by the compact build of the Honda HR-V. It packs in tons of cargo space while still providing a super roomy interior. Its sporty design and spacious cargo area support all different lifestyles, but especially an active one! New 18-inch wheels provide the HR-V with a higher lift from the ground, so off-roading and adventure seeking becomes a real possibility. Its various comfort features such as touch screen climate control and driver assist technology create an amazingly relaxed atmosphere on any adventure you take. New back cargo features make all of the packing you need to do a breeze.

A Sporty Exterior for an Active Lifestyle

A stylish exterior along with lots of sporty features makes the 2022 Honda HR-V the perfect vehicle for any adventurer. It's small size and swift movements create a practical SUV that's ready to take on climates and terrains of all kinds! The newly designed 18-inch wheels are larger, taller, and all around more durable for going over mountains and through rivers. With the Honda HR-V Eco Assist System, you can drive guilt-free knowing you're helping a good cause. Not to mention you'll be saving big on gas as well! Don't worry about staying on track. You'll keep on the road and see what's ahead with confidence with the addition of the all-new beautiful LED Daytime Running Lights. The addition of the new honeycomb grille design seals the deal making the new HR-V into a beautiful SUV, ready to take on all of life's challenges with you.

A Magic Seat Folding System Creates Massive Interior SpaceĀ 

The Honda HR-V is loaded with new interior and comfort features, making every trip you take an absolute blast. For a semi compact SUV, the 2022 HR-V's interior is enormous. It seats a total of five and still leaves plenty of leg room to kickback on your next long car ride. The all-new addition of a moon roof as well as a one button touch start, and a touch screen climate control system add to the comfort this SUV already provides. In addition to comfort and space, the HR-V has an ingenious way of making packing up your large luggage a cinch! With the Magic Seat feature, you can fold down the back seats at a 60/40 split, instantly increasing your cargo space tenfold. For extra-long cargo, you have the option of folding down the front and back passenger seats to make one long area. For extra tall luggage, you can fold the back seats up, creating a channel to support your things!

Roomy Cargo Area Makes Packing Up a Cinch

Pack up for your next big adventure, the 2022 Honda HR-V's back cargo space is fully functional and super spacious! Not only is it already large, with the option to fold down seats to create even more space, a cargo tray protects your car from any mess that you might bring in after being out exploring. Hard cargo covers fold down and protect anything you put back there from various intruders like UV rays or rowdy back seaters. The cargo covers and the new tinted rear window feature provides privacy from prying eyes. The new Honda HR-V comes fully equipped with advanced drivers assist technology allowing you to take a break on the road, or for looking up at the stars through the moon roof!

Lots of Personality Loaded into a Sub Compact SUVĀ 

Compact meets spacious, adventure meets practicality, and technology meets style in the 2022 Honda HR-V. Pack it up and go on an adventure or ride to the office in class. From adventure seekers to salary workers, there's a little bit for everyone in this SUV. If you're looking for a vehicle that is extremely economically efficient but doesn't stint on quality, then the Honda HR-V is definitely a contender in your next vehicle purchase. We have in stock now the new Honda HR-V as well as other great vehicles available to test drive today. Feel free to explore our online inventory to find out more information on our incredible deals.Ā 

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